Safety in a Big City

Tips for safety in a big city.You’ve just moved into your new home in the big city, returned the rental truck and settled in. Now you are ready to explore the city! Before you head out you should remember that safety in a big city is an important issue. Here are some tips for safety in a big  city:

  • Lock your doors (keep in mind that people know that you are new and just moved in ).
  • Lock  your windows with an additional security lock.
  • If you have a storage unit or an unused external gate, be sure to secure it with a lock.
  • Add a door brace to reinforce your door (many break-ins start with kicking down the front door).
  • Do not leave expensive items out in the open and try to shut your curtains and blinds before going out.

If you want extra security you can also install a alarm system; it’s a common misconception that security systems cannot be installed in apartments or condos. You can even do it yourself! Tips on safety in a big city

While you are exploring the city be sure to remember where you started and be cautious of your surroundings. When walking somewhere by yourself, let a friend or family member know where you are heading so that way at least one person always knows where you are in case of an emergency. If you feel like you forgot your way back to your home, stop and plug in your home address on your navigation system. Do not just keep on walking around and try to find a way back.

Last, but most importantly, try to not look like a tourist.  This means don’t wear “I Heart NY” shirts and don’t have your $600 Canon camera hanging around your neck. Thieves are always looking for tourists because they know that they carry money and expensive cameras. There is nothing wrong with going around the city and taking pictures but try to take a backpack or large purse to put the camera away after you’re done. Try to plan out the route of your expedition beforehand so that you are not constantly checking your map on your phone which makes you look and lost (and like a tourist).Tips on safety in a big city.

Tasers, pepper sprays, and safety whistles are an extra safety precaution you can take if you are often moving around the city by yourself.

Have fun in your new urban home, but don’t forget to be safe!

What are some tips you have for keeping you an your home safe in a big city?  Comment below and let us know!