Asking Friends to Help you Move: Why You Shouldn’t Do It

Moving day is approaching, what is the first thing that runs through your mind? “How am I going to haul all my belongings?” Most commonly, the individual who is planning to move tends to seek out which friend or family member that owns a truck in order to help move their belongings.  I’ll be honest, I am guilty of this however quite frankly, the best choice I made was choosing my right size moving truck. As crazy as it sounds, check out reasons why you shouldn’t do it.

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Having Moving Helpers can be a great way to get the job done!

By choosing your right size truck and seeking  Moving Help Providers, it will be guaranteed the moving truck and helpers  will be available when needed and are the right individuals who will get the job done.  Although, as much as we want to let our friends or family know with their help, we will provide them gas money, free lunch and beverages, we also  have to take into consideration they, too, may have things lined up and we do not want to be an inconvenience for any prearranged events. Besides, who wants to be known as the’U-Haul’ truck or their truck labeled with this title.

Moving helper
Moving help can make your move easier.

So what if your family member or friend agrees to lend you their truck? No matter how close you are as friends and family, sometimes they can also be the people you can least count on when it comes to the actual moving day. In order to prevent any issues the best thing to do is seek professional moving help. The moving helpers will know all your items are valuable and not just boxes. They will also be able to carefully load/unload items  and know the best strategy on how to properly load the truck, trailer or storage container.

Also, there are those family members or friends who just do not want to help period. And that’s OK.  Which is another great reason why having moving helpers be the first and best choice when it comes to moving.  Some friends or family may say they have plans, are going out of town or maybe even “sick.” If you have ever been asked and are not in the moving helper mood, check out how you can get out of helping a friend move.

Have you ever asked your friends or family to help you move? What responses did you receive when asking? Share your moving experience or how moving helpers made your move easier in the comments section below.