Make a Turkey from Moving Boxes


There’s a lot that goes on during Thanksgiving. Give the kids something to do while you’re preparing the Thanksgiving meal. Let them make their own turkey using those extra moving boxes while you’re taking care of the edible turkey.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Note: If you have younger kids, you may need to do the cutting.

1. Use a pencil and draw four pieces: a turkey body, and three feather fans (each fan bigger than the other).
2. Trace the pencil markings with a marker to make lines more visible when cutting.
3. Use a boxcutter and cut out these pieces.
4. Cut long slits in the turkey fans and three one-inch slits in the turkey body
5. Now it’s time to put it all together. Match up the slits of the feather fans to the slits on the turkey body and voila! Use the picture below as your guide.


Now that the turkey is assembled, give your kids some glue, markers, feathers, macaroni or whatever you have to give your turkey a little flavor. Maybe try pipe cleaners!


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