Tips for Being a Good Housemate

Tips for being a good housemate
Sharing space is an important part of being a good housemate. From the day you move in to the day you move out, remember that you’re not the only one living there. Photo via WhatiMom/CC

We all learned The Golden Rule at an early age: treat others as you would like to be treated. However, there are many golden rules when it comes to being a good housemate and if followed correctly, will allow you peace and serenity without the heartache of living with a housemate out of a horror story.

Keep these lines open! Communication is key to all types of relationships including friendships, co-workers, families, and yes, housemates. It is important for you and your housemate to be able to discuss anything and everything that has to do with living together and being able to communicate them openly. If something is bothering you, speak up!

Property, privacy, and people are all the things you need to respect as a good housemate. If you want to borrow your housemate’s trendy animal print sweater for your lunch date, ask first. If you hear your housemate in a heated phone discussion with his girlfriend, don’t put your ear to the wall. If you’re planning on inviting your garage band over for rehearsal, give your housemate a heads up. Oh, and don’t take hour long showers if you’re sharing a bathroom. What does this all boil down to? Treat others as you would want to be treated.

Set Ground Rules
This should be done at the very beginning of becoming housemates. It is important to establish how and when bills are paid, assign chores and duties, and figure out each others personal habits. Is smoking okay? How about pets? When is a good/bad time to have people over? And here’s a doozy, who takes out the trash? All of these things should be considered and discussed in advance to avoid any type of confrontation.

Be Considerate
Did you grill a little extra dinner? Ask your housemate if they’re hungry and would like a plate. If you see they took out the trash after it started turning into Mt.Everest, express your thanks. Do your part. Clean up after yourself. Pay on time. A little bit really does go a long way.

Have Fun
They say home is where the pants are stretchy and the wifi connects automatically (or something like that). Get comfy and enjoy the space you have together. Have movie nights or start watching a show together. Pick up a game console or learn a new card game. If you feel like ditching the sweatpants for a night, throw a dinner party or have some friends over. The possibilities are endless.

Do you have an awesome housemate that you’d like to gloat about or perhaps your housemate came straight out of a horror story? Tell us about them or feel free to share your tips in the comments below!