How to Pack Christmas Gifts for Shipping

How to Pack Christmas Gifts for ShippingWhen you pack Christmas gifts for shipping you want to make sure that they arrive at their destination in one piece. Opening up a gift and finding it broken can certainly dampen a little bit of that Christmas joy. To make sure that doesn’t happen we have some tips on the best way to pack Christmas gifts for shipping this holiday season.

Wrapping Christmas Gifts
Tip: You can use multiple layers and types of protective stuff to keep your gifts safe.

Wrap it Well

I am not just talking about gift wrapping here. You need protective stuff. Depending on the type of item you have many options for what to use, and you may want to use several types of protective wrapping. Bubble wrap is best for breakable items. If you are worried about your gift scratching up against other items in the package you are shipping you may also want to wrap them in extra packing paper or cushion foam. Once you have covered everything in protective wrapping, then you can put the decorative gift wrapping over the now well protected present.

Minimize Movement

Most items will break from impacting other items within the box, or from hitting the sides of the box when it is dropped or moved around. You want to fill up those empty spaces in your box to ensure that everything stays put. Use packing peanuts or packing material to fill the box up to the brim. Wadded up packing paper or even newspaper is also a good option.

Use the Right Size Box

If your box can’t close when you are done packing it, you need a bigger box. If anything is sticking out of the box you are drastically increasing your risk of damage to that item, and if it causes the box to tear, all of the other items you are shipping with it may get damaged or lost as well. You can always get a larger box to pack Christmas gifts in. If you do move your items into a larger box don’t forget to add more packing peanuts or packing paper to fill the box.

U-Haul Wine KitSpecialty Items

Some common items have specialty boxes to help pack your gifts. Sending wine to your cousin? There’s a box for that to make sure that your wine bottles don’t get cracked or break in the mail. Buying new golf clubs for your father? Golf clubs are an awkward size, but there are boxes designed for that. Posters and paintings are much easier to ship in shipping tubes. U-Haul offers a variety of sizes of shipping boxes to fit most things you could want to ship.

There is nothing like the joy of seeing someone open a present on Christmas morning. Don’t let a broken gift ruin Christmas morning. Use these tips and hopefully the recipient of your gifts will be happy to open your thoughtful gift.

Have you ever had anything break in the mail? What do you do to ship your Christmas gifts? Let us know in the comments.