Shipping On Time For The Holidays

Shipping on time for the holidays ensures smiles on your family and friend’s faces and even your own! An average of 545 million packages are delivered daily by the Postal service during the holiday season. Holidays are all about procrastination but there is nothing more frustrating than finding out that your gift will not arrive to a loved one on time. In order to prevent this tragedy you need to be familiar with the holiday deadlines of each delivery service.

shipping on the holidaysDeadlines

As you continue shopping keep in mind that carriers have different deadlines to ensure your gifts arrive in time for Christmas. Shipping from online retailers also has their own deadlines that you should be aware of.  Below are some of the basic deadlines for a few retailers and carriers. Be sure to click on the links to see the full details of their cutoff days:

  • Amazon– Standard Shipping, December 18
  • USPS– Standard Post Service, December 14
  • FedEx– Home Delivery, December 17
  • Best Buy– Standard Shipping, December 20
  • Macy’s– Standard Shipping, December 21

Deals on Shipping

Who doesn’t need to save a little money during the holiday season? A 10-pound package that is shipping from New York to San Francisco can cost up to $127 for next day shipping! But a flat-rate box from the Postal Service at $39.95 will more than likely be your cheapest option. The great thing about this deal is that it costs the same price no matter the weight (of course it has to be under 70 pounds) and no matter where it is going in the country. Also try to go for the free online shipping but make sure it will arrive on time.

Extra Tips For Your Shipping

When you do check online for the the shipping deadlines be sure to check the times not only the dates; most retailers run on Eastern Standard Time. Keep in mind that shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and anywhere international will have completely different cutoff dates than the rest. Don’t miss your deadline because of these silly mistakes! If you feel like you don’t have time to wait in a long line at the post office to ship your gift, you can also print out your label online and schedule a home pick-up. Also make sure to pack your gifts with the proper protection!

Bottom line: the sooner you ship your packages the better!

What will you be shipping out this holiday season? Comment below and let us know!