Packing Up Holiday Decorations

Packing Up Holiday Decorations
Some say Christmas is just like moving, because you’ll end up packing and unpacking all of your holiday belongings. Now that the most wonderful time of the year is over, it’s time to take down all of the seasonal cheer that hangs both inside and outside your home. Here are some ideas for packing up holiday decorations.

How to pack holiday decorationsUse Durable Containers

Your holiday decorations will remain untouched for almost an entire year, so you’ll need to think about using durable boxes or containers that will protect your decorations from dust, temperature changes, and other variables while in storage. Consider using cardboard boxes that will not only make a comfy home for all of the decor pieces, but also make it easy to stack boxes on top of boxes. Using containers of different sizes can accommodate the variety of your items. Picking the right container that provides enough protection for your decorations will play a critical role time and time again as you recycle your decorations every December.

Holiday ornament bubble wrapPack Safely

What could be worse than packing up your delicate ornaments and figurines and accidentally dropping the box on the ground while trying to put it away? You hear glass breaking, and ultimately open it up to see your belongings shattered. This situation could have be avoided by safely packing your delicate items. Try using bubble wrap or cushion foam to individually wrap each fragile item, especially ornaments. To prevent them from hitting one another, try using specialized dividers that will separate, isolate and protect each one. Don’t forget to avoid over packing boxes. If you’re not packing decor into individualized dividers, try using packing peanuts to lower the chances of decorations clanking against another.

Stay Organized

Although randomly throwing your decorations, lights, and holiday displays into boxes is a quick way to pack up the holidays, it’s better to take some time to create a strategy for better organization. This will ensure for a smoother season next year. One of the saddest moments of the holiday season is it coming to an end, and having to take down every decoration. First, figure out what you’ll need to unpack first next year, and pack that up last this year. Have plenty of labeling tags and permanent markers to clearly display what ornaments are stored in each container. Describe clearly if each box is for a specific location (like kitchen decor, living room decor, or outside decor). Don’t forget to label your lights (Christmas tree lights, outdoor lights, window lights, etc.) too.

Safely pack ornamentsPacking up holiday decorations is a perfect time to re-use your moving supplies, like boxes, packing peanuts and bubble wrap. Recycle your moving materials and re-purpose them, which is a great way to add to your savings this holiday season!

We hope you had a merry holiday season! How are you planning of packing up holiday decorations this season? How do you usually organize and store decor? Share your tips by telling us in the comments below!