Last-Minute Decorating Ideas Using Moving Supplies

Are you ready to ring in the New Year in your new place after your holiday move?  Eager to host your family and friends but pressed for time, strapped for cash and drowning in your moving supplies?  Have no fear! We have two simple and quick centerpiece décor options that will utilize your leftover packing supplies and help transform your living space from post-moving chaos to post-moving chic.

Here are the items you will need for each centerpiece.

Jar of Cheer                                                                                   Holiday Spirit Vase
Small or large mason jar                                                             Empty wine bottle
Biodegradable Packing peanuts                                                  Tie-Down Sisal Rope (approx. 34 ft)
Raffia or ribbon                                                                           Flowers or candle
Fake berries or flowers                                                                Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
LED candle (optional)                                                                 Scissors

Jar of Cheer

If your jar has a lid, remove the top circular piece.  Fill the mason jar with the Biodegradable Packing Peanuts you used to protect your fragile items while moving.  Cut a long piece of your raffia or ribbon and circle your jar at least twice to create a layered look.  Place your fake berries or flower against the jar, at the center point of your ribbon, and tie the berries/flowers to the jar. Cut the ends to your preferred length.  If desired, add your LED candle to the top for a nice, glowing effect!

    Last minute Holiday decorations using moving supplies

 Holiday Spirit Vase

Take the empty wine bottle and remove the cork or lid.  Take one end of the Tie-Down Sisal Rope, circle the bottle at the bottom and tie a knot.  It’s okay if your rope got a little dirty during your move; it will help add character to your vase.

 Apply hot glue to the bottle 3-5” at a time. Press the sisal rope on top of the hot glue.  Continue to wrap the rope around the bottle one layer at a time up to the neck of the bottle, leaving about an inch of the top of the bottle exposed.  Cut the extra rope off at the top and glue the end down.  Place your flower(s) inside the bottle (don’t forget to add water, if they are real!) and you are finished.  If you prefer a candle instead of flowers, firmly place a 6” dinner candle in the opening of the wine bottle.  I recommend allowing the candle to burn down a bit and the wax drip down for a more “aged” look.

Learn how to make last minute Holiday decorations using moving supplies

 Happy New Year and happy decorating!  Do you have your own moving-supply centerpiece idea?  Already tried one of these ideas?  Comment below and let us know how you used your moving supplies to make your home look festive!