How to Pack Dishes for a Move

2014 has arrived…and much like a New Year, a move is synonymous with a fresh start and movement into the future. Forty to 50 million people may move this year, and if you are one of those people and could use some advice on how to pack dishes, here are some helpful packing tips:

Dishes comes in all shapes and sizes, and you probably have more than one set and several random pieces that don’t match others. Whether it’s a set you bought from the store, hand-me-downs from your mother or your family’s fine china, the last thing you want to happen when arriving at your new home is opening a box and finding your dishes shattered. To prevent that from happening, remember these must-have moving supplies.

Cushion Foam Pouches

Cushion Foam Pouch

When using a cushion foam pouch, carefully slide the dish all the way into the pouch, making sure the entire item is covered.  The cushion foam pouches are easy to use and come 10 to a pack. If you plan on using the pouches to pack more than 10 dishes, plan accordingly when purchasing your supplies. Cushion foam pouches also come in multiple sizes, which makes packing those random, oddly-shaped dishes very easy.

Packing Paper

Packing paper is equally convenient for wrapping dishes of all shapes and sizes. Each sheet is approximately 24” x 27”. Start with the entire sheet…but if you determine that you won’t need to use the entire sheet on one dish, cut or tear it to a size that will work best. Lay your sheet of packing paper out on a flat surface and place your dish in the center. Once in the center, bring each sheet corner up to meet in the middle (almost like wrapping a present). Then use a piece of tape to secure the four corners, making sure that the packing paper does not come unwrapped. If you wish to double wrap your dish for extra protection, lay a second sheet of packing paper out flat, place your already-wrapped dish into the center and repeat the process by bringing each corner up and again taping down in the center.

Dish Saver Kit:

Dish Saver Kit Once you have wrapped all of your dishes with cushion foam pouches and/or packing paper, you are ready to place them into your U-Haul Dish Saver Kit, which is a five-piece cell-divider unit designed to separate, isolate and protect your dishes during your move. Pack your dishes vertically one by one in the dividers. Once you have finished packing your Dish Saver Kit, fill any extra spaces with leftover packing paper for even more security during your move.

Will you be moving this year?  Do you have any tips to share for safely packing dishware during a move? Let us know below.