How To Find Sustainable Storage

Being eco-friendly is “in”! There are many ways to be green while moving, such as recycling moving supplies and renting sustainable storage.  U-Haul is one example of a company that offers you a place to store your belongings while being eco-friendly! Here’s are few of U-Haul’s sustainability programs:

sustainable storage

Sustainable Modular Storage

U-Haul reuses their detached van bodies from retired moving trucks to build sustainable storage units.  By doing so, they are eliminating the need to produce more energy and use more materials such as wood and steel.  So far more than 4,500 Sustainable Modular Storage units have been made. This program is reuse, reduce and recycle in a nut shell and has helped keep more than 10,000 tons of GHG emissions out of our atmosphere! If you are interested in storing your treasure in an eco-friendly way with U-Haul, make sure to find your nearest self-storage facility.

Adaptive Reusesustainable storage

Water, energy and resources are conserved all over the country through U-Haul’s Adaptive Reuse program. Instead of building an entire new dealer, they reuse an abandoned business building. An example of this adaptive reuse model is the U-Haul Moving & Storage of Candlestick in California which was formerly a Planters Peanuts factory. The following are the benefits of this particular dealer:

  • 248,139 kWh annual energy savings
  • 378,064 gallons annual rainwater runoff avoided
  • 9,746,821 lbs greenhouse gas emissions avoided
  • 1,801 tons of metal manufacturing & transportation avoided
  • 5,933 tons of new concrete pours avoided
  • 9,395 tons construction and demolition debris avoided

These savings are just from one of the preservation sites! 

Make Your Own Storage

Want to store your belongings in your own home? You can also make your own sustainable storage out of recycled materials! Use your extra boxes to create a storage space to store your belongings under your bed. If you choose not use those extra boxes, feel free to return those unused boxes to one of our centers for a refund!

Being eco-friendly is a decision that you have to make for yourself. By making simple choices such as finding a sustainable storage for your belongings, you are doing your part to preserve our world!

What are some ways you make moving day more “green”?