How to Build a Breakdancing Mat

How to Build Your Own Breakdancing Mat

You just got served! It’s on you now to show off your breakdancing skills. Do it in style and comfort by building your very own breakdancing mat. With supplies you can find cheaply or for free, and just 10 minutes of your time you can have a breakdancing mat to properly showcase your moves.


  • 2 Medium to Large Boxes – You don’t have to have brand new boxes, but you want to make sure that the boxes you choose are relatively similar in size to each other so that your mat is symmetrical. You also want boxes that are not ripped so that they do not catch on you when you are dancing. To find free boxes check out the online box exchange. Also, U-Haul centers have a “Take a Box, Leave a Box” area.
  • 1 Roll of Tape – Packaging tape will work the best since it is designed to stick to boxes.
  • Scissors or Box Cutter – If you do not have a box cutter you will want scissors that are strong enough to cut through thick cardboard.
  • Carpet Padding or Extra Boxes (Optional) – Check at your local carpet store, they may have leftover scraps of carpet padding that are large enough for you to use. You will want a piece roughly the size of your breakdancing mat.
  • Tunes – You have to have something to dance to! Even better if you have an old school boom box to blast your tunes.

Breakdancing Mat Step 1Step 1: Flatten Out The Boxes

Using your scissors or box cutter, carefully cut along the seam or one of the creases of your boxes so that they can be laid out entirely flat. Do this for both of your boxes.

Breakdancing Mat Step 2Step 2: Tape the Boxes Together

Place the longest edge of your two boxes together, so that the shape is close to a square, giving you room to move in each direction when you are dancing. Tape the boxes together, being careful to ensure that the tape stays flat. You don’t want it to catch on you. Next tape down any flaps. You want a solid surface to dance on.

Step 3: Padding (Optional)

Flatten out any of those extra boxes. These can go down on the ground under where you will lay your dance mat. The same goes for the carpet padding if you were able to acquire it. This acts as extra padding to cushion your landings and put some bounce in your step.

Step 4: Bust a Move!

Breakdancing Mat Step 4You know how to do this part. Break it down and show them what you got.

Are you a breakdancing pro? What do you use for your breakdancing mat? Tell us in the comments.