How Many Hours Do I Need for Moving Help Providers?

Moving Help Providers are professionals, and often people are amazed at how quickly they’re able to finish a job. However, Moving Help Providers are not superheroes. They can’t fly up four flights of stairs and lift a mattress with one hand and a dresser with another. Being able to estimate the number of hours you need Moving Help for is important for the success of your move.

Determine how many hours you need to book moving help forHow many hours do I need?

This is, as you may have guessed, all dependent on your individual moving situation. Two hours is the minimum amount of time to reserve Moving Help Providers for. The maximum amount is ten hours for things such as loading and unloading, packing, and cleaning. For loading and unloading you can estimate the amount of time you need based on the size of your move (how many rooms/square feet and how much furniture) and then add time for things like stairs (one hour per flight), and how far the moving truck is from the things they have to carry (add a half an hour per 25ft).

Can’t I just pick 2 hours and add more during the move?

Yes, you can pick 2 hours and, if you find you need more, you can use your Customer Account to add more hours to your move. The only problem you may encounter with this is the fact that many Moving Helpers are quite busy and, if you schedule 2 hours but really need 5, they may not be able to work the extra hours for you and still be able to make it to their next job. It’s important to get as close as you can to the number of hours you really need so this doesn’t happen.

Can’t I just pick 10 hours and get a refund for the hours I don’t use?

When you reserve Moving Help Providers for 10 hours, that means they can’t have any other jobs during the day. If you reserve 10 hours but only need them for 3, that means you took 7 hours out of a day they could have worked to move other people who needed help as well. Because of this, we don’t issue refunds for unused hours.

Can I estimate how many hours I need and then check with the Moving Help Provider to see if they think I need more or less?
Determine how many hours you need to book moving help for

Yes, you can do this! During the reservation process, you have to pick a certain number of hours, but you have the ability to write in what furniture you have, the number of stairs, and anything else you might know about the move. The Moving Helper should call you and you can ask them if they think they can do the job in that amount of time. 

Can I base the amount of time I need on how large my moving truck is?

To a certain extent, yes. If you reserve a 26′ truck you know it’s going to take longer to load when compared to a 10′ truck. Generally, if you know everything you have can fit into a 10′ truck you will only need two hours. For each larger size of truck that you expect to fill it is good to add another hour. Make sure to add the extra time for things like stairs and the distance things need to be carried.

Have you used Moving Help Marketplace before? How many hours did you need to get the job finished?