Storage in Philadelphia

Storage in Philadelphia

Whether you’re moving to Philadelphia or just need more space, finding storage in Philadelphia is relatively easy with a little planning.  Philly is a densely populated city with several colleges and universities right in the center of town.  Students tend to need storage during the summer and winter months, so reserving your storage unit ahead of time will help ensure you get the right size storage room at a nearby location.

Choosing a storage room:

Access: StorageAccess

Many locations offer 24 hour, or extended hours to access your unit at a slightly increased monthly rate. Consider whether this would be beneficial to you, or if you think you can manage your access to your storage unit within their business hours.  Some self-storage locations even accept deliveries for you, so don’t be afraid to ask, what other “perks” are included in or can be added to your rental, you may be surprised!


Make sure you choose a location with adequate security measures, such as secured entrance and exit points, lighted hallways, individually alarmed rooms, and active security cameras.Storage Security cameras


Consider the frequency in which you plan to access your unit. For example, will you leave your goods in storage for 6 months? Or, is the storage room going to hold the overflow of your household goods?  If you don’t’ need frequent access, you may want to consider renting a storage room just outside the city. This will increase the number of locations to choose from, so you may find a lower rate and more availability.  If you do need frequent access, make sure the location of the storage facility is convenient and in route from your daily activities.

Cargo Van Rental in PhiladelphiaGetting to the self-storage location:

If you typically rely on public transportation, you may need to rent a cargo van to transport your goods to your storage unit. Look for a location near you or public transportation, so you can drop the vehicle off then get on the bus, subway, or walk.  If you have a vehicle but need more space, contact the nearest truck rental location and ask if there is parking nearby, otherwise, you will need to take public transit or have someone drop you off.

 Have you found a great self-storage facility in Philadelphia?  Share with us in the comments below!