Renting a Home While Your House is Being Built

Whatever your scenario, buying a home is a huge chapter in anyone’s life. With so many options in home customization these days, building from the ground up may be the better alternative.  According to The National Association of Home Builders, it takes about seven months to build a home. During that time you obviously still need a place to live. So why not rent?

Renting a House while your house is being built

Rental Options

Most apartments, and even rental homes, can be leased  for anywhere between 6-12 months. Look for something comfortable but affordable. Over the next several months you can save a wad of cash to use towards your new home. Yes, the rental home may be a bit small. No, there may not be tons and tons of storage space. And if you are anything like me, after watching a zillion home-improvement shows, you buy early. Even before moving in, you’ll find yourself going on sporadic shopping sprees when you see the perfect bookshelf to put in the new office, or the area rug you simply must have for the new living room. Not to mention all the stuff you currently own.

U-Box Portable Storage - Renting your home

Where to Store

Portable storage is an easy way to store your goods.  For example, U-Haul offers a shipping and storage solution called U-Box Portable Storage Containers. It’s  as renting the U-Box container, having it delivered to your front door, pack it up on your time, U-Haul picks it up and then stores it for you in one of their many warehouses. When your new home is ready, your portable storage container will be delivered to your new front door!  U-Box container saves you time and money! Other perks of using portable storage:

  • Accessibility to your belongings
  • Saves packing and moving twice
  • Add any new items you may collect to your storage container

Did you have your home built? Have you ever rented a home or apartment while waiting to move? Let us know your experiences in the comments section below!