Distracted Driving: Alabama

Distracted Driving - Alabama
Alabama Department of Safety reminds us in the state’s driving manual that driving is a privilege and that we have to be responsible not only for ourselves, but also for our passengers and other drivers on the road. Always remember that your number one responsibility and task is driving safely! When it come to The Heart of Dixie, the following driving laws apply:

Phone Calls While Driving

According to a study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, making or accepting phone calls while driving accounts for 40% of distracted driving. While driving, if you’re using your cell phone for calls, it’s always best to opt for a hands-free option, like speaker or a hands-free device. If necessary, pull off to the side of the road to dial or complete your conversation. It’s a primary law that cell phone usage while driving is fully banned for novice drivers; this means both phone calls that are hand held and hands free are banned.  A primary law means you can be ticketed for that specific violation vs. a secondary law where you can only be issued a ticket if you were first pulled over for another violation and then ticketed for the second violation.

Distracted Driving

Texting and Driving

In the state of Alabama, texting while driving is against primary law for all drivers, seasoned and novice. To be specific, this prohibits the usage of cell phone to write, read or send a text message, instant message or email while driving. While GPS is still allowed while driving, it is safer to use a hands free mounting device. Keep these fines for texting and driving in mind:

  • $25 for 1st time offense
  • $50 for 2nd time offense
  • $75 for 3rd and subsequent offenses
  • Note: for each offense, a two point violation is placed on your driving record

Alabama Attorney General, Luther Strange, reminds us in this public service announcement that texting and driving can be fatal. Remember, stop the texts, stop the wrecks!

It’s important to do your part to increase driving safety and reduce distracted driving. Check out these sites for additional tips, facts and stories:

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