Wardrobe Season Change

Clothes in Closet

The sun is staying out longer. The days are getting warmer. If you live in a place where your winter boots are no longer a necessity, it’s time to start updating your closet with appropriate clothing. This means you’ll have to start putting away your heavier clothing that is taking up space in your closet. It’s time for a wardrobe season change! Here’s how you do it!

Step 1: Take Inventory
Long Clothes

As you prep for the new season, it’s a nice time to update your wardrobe. But before you head out to the mall and shop, it’s best that you take a full inventory of what you already own. Jot down the number of sweaters, tops, bottoms and other items in your closet. Organize everything by style and color too. This way, you’ll know exactly how many pairs of dark jeans you own as well as the number of black and white shirts you have. That way, the next time you go shopping you’ll know you already own 12 solid white dress shirts and it may be best to opt for a different color.

Step 2: Donate Items

If you haven’t used an article of clothing in a year, it’s best that you donate it to a local charity. This way, you’ll help out your community as well as make more space in your closet. This is an essential part of the organization process, especially if you have a smaller closet. You’ll want to effectively use every last corner in your closet.

Wardrobe Boxes

Step 3: Storage

It’s time to start hanging the pieces of clothing that you will definitely need during the season and put away those that won’t be needed. If you live somewhere warm where the winter season doesn’t last very long before summer strolls in (like in Phoenix), then you’ll need to start putting away all of your sweaters and long-sleeved shirts.

Folding will not only be time consuming, but it’ll also leave creases in your clothing that you’ll have to either take back to the cleaners or iron once the weather changes. An easier and more effective way to store your clothing is by using wardrobe boxes. If you’re hanging your winter dresses, you may opt for a longer wardrobe box like the Space Saver. If you’re needing to hang your heavier sweaters, try using the Grand Wardrobe Box. If you need to put away skirts and jeans that you hang folded, then use the Shorty Wardrobe Box. If you’re looking for wardrobe boxes check out people who exchange their boxes for other moving supplies you may have; but don’t forget that you can always find free boxes at local U-Haul centers.

The best way to make plenty of space in your closet is by using a storage unit. Not only will you create room in your closet for the new season, but you can also store other seasonal items in there too. No need to keep all your winter sweaters in your closet when you can keep them in a unit along with your holiday tree and decorations.

Have you updated your closet for the season? How was it cleaning it out and making room for other items? Did you use any wardrobe boxes from U-Haul? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below!