Portable Storage Coverage

You’ve opted to move your belongings with the convenience of portable storage. You know how many containers you need to rent in order to house all of your belongings and maybe you’ve even made the reservation. If your belongings are worth storing, keeping and transporting, they are worth protecting. If you choose to opt for coverage when moving with portable storage, be sure you’re well versed in what the coverage entails.

What is Included in Portable Storage Coverage?

Look for coverage that will protect your goods from unexpected and unforeseen circumstances. Be mindful of what you can control such as packing and loading as this isn’t usually included in your coverage plan. Read up on posts that will teach you tips on how to pack and load your container the right way! Companies like U-Haul offer SafeStor Mobile coverage that offers industry standard protection of your goods while in a U-Box portable storage container. SafeStor Mobile protects your container from the following:

Portable Storage Coverage

When is my box being covered?

With  U-Haul’s SafeStor Mobile coverage, the company has responsibility of your container when it is being stored, in transit or  in company care custody and control. Your storage container is not covered when it is at your home or drop off location of choice. If you have tenant or homeowners insurance, check with an agent for coverage.

How many containers does coverage include?

Coverage is typically on an individual container basis. Be sure to consider coverage on multiple containers if necessary.

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