Distracted Driving: Arizona

Distratced Driving ArizonaArizona is a land of roads. Vehicles are often necessary to move around the large state. Driving is a privilege and that we have to be responsible not only for ourselves, but also for our passengers and other drivers on the road. Remember that your number one responsibility is to drive safely! When it comes to The Grand Canyon State, the following driving laws apply:

Phone Calls While Driving

It is always best to not take a call while you are driving. 40% of all distracted driving is caused by accepting phone calls according to NHTSA, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. If you must make a phone call while you are in the car it is best to use a hands free device or accessory, such as a Bluetooth earpiece, or your car stereo integration with your cell phone. In the state of Arizona the only statewide law regarding cell phone use bans bus drivers from accessing a cell phone, however, anyone can still be ticketed for speeding or other traffic violations that result from distracted driving. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, your license can be revoked for two convictions for reckless driving.

Distracted Driving Texting While DrivingTexting and Driving

As with phone calls, Arizona does not have any statewide legislation regarding texting while driving, with the exception of bus drivers. There are however a variety of local ordinances addressing texting. In Phoenix, the largest city in Arizona, Ordinance G-4985 bans texting while driving. The fine is not less than $100 plus any other penalty assessments authorized by law. Tucson, the second largest city in Arizona, also has a similar local ordinance banning texting while driving. There are currently campaigns for a ban covering the entire state, so further legislation may be passed in the future.

Arizona Attorney General, Tom Horne, reminds us of the dangers of texting while driving in this public service announcement. Remember, stop the texts, stop the wrecks!

It’s important to do your part to increase driving safety and reduce distracted driving. Check out these sites for additional tips, facts and stories:

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