Spring Gardening Tips

The weather is finally becoming something to smile about. Spring has sprung and everyone literally has a spring in their step. It’s also the perfect time to spring up the garden you’ve always wished you had. Flowers, vegetables, herbs and more! There is an unlimited amount of things you can garden. Creating and caring for the perfect spring garden requires patience, love, and attention to detail. That hard work is what makes the finished product so rewarding and fulfilling. When you start with dirt and seeds and eventually see a growth of green you can’t help but feel like you were born with a  green thumb. Check out what’s been growing in my moms garden below! Who needs the grocery store anyway?

Spring Gardeing Tips

Whether you are an experienced gardener or planting a seed for the first time, the moving experts here want to help you along the way with these Spring gardening tips.

Prepare your yard.

Weeds can be unsightly and unwelcomed visitors to your garden—especially if you let them run wild for most of the winter. Though a tedious process, weeding is necessary to give your new plants a home to grow and flourish in. As funny as it sounds, it really is similar to prepping the home for a new baby.

Get your soil, plants, and seeds!

Once you have a clean slate to work with, you need to get your supplies! A visit to your local hardware store will provide you with everything you need. Your gardening expert there will be able to tell you what plants are in season. A simple checklist includes:

  • Soil & fertilizer
  • Garden fork, soaking hose, hoe, hand weeder, garden gloves
  • Fence – (this can actually be made out of moving supplies! Check out Gardening with Recycled Moving Supplies)
  • Seeds & plants

From the store to your front door.

Now, gardening is not the cleanest job in the world. Transporting these materials can get pretty messy; to avoid spills in your car consider renting a pickup truck, cargo van or trailer to help you get these items home. Trailers are perfect for home improvement projects. These small utility trailers can be towed with almost any car and are very popular with do-it-yourselfers. Landscaping and other fun projects are easy to accomplish plus these trailers can load almost a ton!

Transporting Spring Gardening Items

Cargo vans and pickup trucks may work better for you if you have slightly larger jobs.  They are perfect for those who may have let the yard turn into a jungle and need to haul landscaping brush, leaves, trees and grass to designated unloading locations.

Do you have any gardening tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below!