DIY Portable Storage

u-box container portable storage

So you are moving by yourself and realize “How am I supposed to pack all this stuff?” Don’t worry, you’ve got options, its just a matter of deciding what works best for you. You could ask a friend or rent a truck, but have you considered portable storage? U-Haul offers U-Box containers that you can pack at your own pace and you can even hire Moving Help to help with the heavy lifting.

Portable storage containers allow you to pack your things without the rush of having people waiting on you. Once you are packed, you have lots of options as to how to transport your belongings:

Self Delivery

If you only need the U-Box container for storage space, then a self-delivery might be your best bet. That way, you don’t have to schedule any pick-up or drop-off times and you can tow it whenever is convenient for you. You can pack at your own pace and return the U-Box container to the storage facility when you are done.

Load/Unload at U-Haul u-box container self load

Do you already know that you will be using your U-Box container for storage? You can bring your packed items to the U-Haul location and simply load up your U-Haul and they will store it for you. When you decide you need it, you can have it delivered!

Trailer Delivery

If you need lots of space to move your things, then a trailer delivery might work. With this option you can rent a truck and and use a trailer to tow your U-Box container. You can even tow up to two of them for extra storage space.

Moving Help

If this is a larger job or if you are moving alone, you might consider hiring Moving Help. Moving Help can load your U-Box, transport it and even unload it. Another advantage to hiring Moving Help is the opportunity to maximize your space in the U-Box container. With Moving Help, you can stack and arrange your things to make sure no space goes to waste. You can even combine this option with the Trailer Delivery option and have Moving Help deliver the truck and U-Box containers.

U-Box container moving help

Moving Help, powered by U-Haul, connects moving companies to people moving. Once you make your reservation, you can manage it online. This includes adding hours to your reservation, rescheduling, payment, and writing reviews. And Moving Help isn’t just for big moves. They can also help you pack your U-Box container and transport it to a storage facility for you! So next time you are clearing out the house and need some help clearing out a few things, U-Box with Moving Help might just be your best bet!

What’s your best use of portable storage? Let us know in the comments below.