Towing With a Convertible

Towing with a convertible

It is a common misconception that convertible sedans can’t tow trailers. You can find out if your vehicle is certified by speaking with a friendly customer service representative at your neighborhood U-Haul location. You can also check online from the comfort of your home or your phone here. All you need to know is the year, make, model, and some of the features of the convertible you plan on towing with.

Reasons to Tow with a Convertible Sedan

  • Do you need to pick up some supplies from the hardware store?
  • Move some household goods into storage during your spring cleaning?
  • Purchased a new table or chair that won’t fit in the back of your car?

Towing a trailer can be a cheap and easy way to complete these tasks. If your convertible sedan does not have a hitch installed yet, that is not a problem. U-Haul installs trailer hitches on all types of vehicles. If you do not want a hitch installed you can rent a U-Haul truck as well, which can also tow trailers.

Towing TipsTowing with a convertible is similar to towing with any other vehicle. Know your hitch rating, and don’t tow over it. It is always best to slow down. The maximum recommended speed for towing is 55MPH. Remember the extra length when turning, pulling into traffic or changing lanes. Backing up with a trailer is easy too. When you are loading you always want to load the heavier items to the front of the trailer. Here is a checklist for towing a trailer. Last but not least, remember not to text while driving. Distracted driving is dangerous, especially when towing.

Do you own a convertible sedan? Have you ever towed a trailer with it? Let us know in the comments below.