Packing a Flat-Screen TV

Your flat-screen TV is your prized possession. It is the key to enjoying weekend games and movie nights. That being said, extra precautions must be taken when packing a flat-screen TV to ensure the safety of your item on its way to its new home. This guide will assist you in safely packing and transporting your TV to your new home.

Items you will need

Wrapping a Flat Screen TV

  1. To begin packing a flat-screen TV, ensure everything is unplugged from the TV and power source.
  2. Slide the anti-static flat screen TV cover over the top of your flat screen TV.
  3. Slide the flat screen TV cover over the anti-static cover.
  4. Secure excess parts of the TV cover using packaging tape.

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Packing a Flat Screen TV

Within the Flat Panel TV kit are 4 foam blocks. Each of these blocks are hinged, allowing you to attach them to your wrapped flat screen TV. The box itself can telescope, which means you are able to use the same box for various sizes of flat screen TV’s ranging anywhere from 32 inches to 70 inches. Follow these steps carefully:

  1. Open the Flat Panel TV Kit and remove the 4 foam blocks included.
  2. Bend the foam blocks gently into 45-degree angles.
  3. Attach each foam block to each corner of the flat screen TV. (See image below)
  4. Secure the foam blocks to the flat screen TV by wrapping the 10-inch Mover’s Stretch Plastic Wrap around the foam blocks.
  5. Remove TV stand if it exceeds 4 inches in width.
  6. Slide the flat screen TV into the inner portion of the Flat Panel TV Kit.
  7. Slide the outer portion of the Flat Panel TV Kit over the inner portion.

Please Note: Never pack your TV on its side!

This video can help you pack your flat screen TV with ease! Watch how it’s done:

When it comes to moving, the less hassle, the better. Taking extra precautions when packing a flat-screen TV can spare you a headache and potentially hundreds of dollars on a replacement.

Do you have any tips on how to pack a flat screen tv? Share them in the comments below!