Packing Planner: Packing the Garage

packing the garageGarages come in all shapes and sizes. Depending where you live or what type of person you are, your garage may take a couple hours to pack or a couple days. Either way, it is always beneficial to do some planning prior to your packing. Check out the infographic below for some tips on how to pack the garage. Once you have a general idea of the items in your garage, check out this Moving Supply Calculator to give you an estimate of the types of supplies you’ll need and in what quantities you’ll need them.packing supplies

For more tips to help you pack the garage, check out this post: How to Pack: The Garage. Also keep in mind that some items in the garage are sharp and need to be handled with care. Packing with moving gloves will keep your fingers safe from those sharp tools in your garage. Moving wrap can keep you and your items safe during your move. Be sure to pick up the right moving supplies to safely pack the garage. Pictured above are some items we suggest for the packing process.

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Do you have any tips for packing the garage? Tell us about your experiences below!