Oil-Eating Microbes and Your Vehicle

Oil spills can leave unsightly stains in your garage or driveway, not to mention the harm it does to the environment when it is left uncleaned. When oil seeps into the ground, it runs the risk of contaminating the environment. It is important to clean up oil spills immediately after spilling. Keep in mind that there are some environmentally friendly products for oil spill clean up.

How to Use Oil-Eating Microbes for Cleaning Up Oil Spills:

oil-eating microbes

Simply cover the oil spill in this product and let the microbes do their job! Using a small shovel or any scraping utensil, mix the oil with the sand-like microbes and it will start to clump up. Dispose of these oil clumps properly, and whatever is left of the oil-eating microbes can be put back in the bag for re-use.

How it Works:

Through a process called bioremediation, microbes (or microscopic organisms) eat and digest oil eliminating harmful chemicals(hydrocarbons) found in oil. The microbe then releases water and harmless gases such as carbon dioxide into the environment. This innovative method of cleaning up pollution has proven successful in incidents such as the BP spill of 2010.

Additional Facts:

  • Oil-Eating Microbes can be used for any vehicle to clean up motor oil including: boats, moving trucks, cars etc
  • The microbes are non-toxic and non-pathogenic meaning they are safe and incapable of causing diseases
  • It is 100% safe for the environment
  • It can be used for oil spills and engine leaks at home or on the road

Have you used oil-eating microbes to clean up spills before? What were your experiences? Let us know below.