Moving To Dallas

Moving to Dallas

Well they say everything’s bigger in Texas! It’ true when we’re talking about Dallas as the city spans roughly 385 square miles of eastern Texas. If you’re looking for friendly people,modern lifestyle and endless opportunities, moving to Dallas is right for you. Consider these tips before making the move:

Where to Live

There are countless places to live in a booming city like Dallas. If you’re into the modern lifestyle, you’re in luck! There are many trendy apartment complexes that you can live in, many of which are high-rises. Uptown Dallas is a walkable, urban neighborhood in the heart of the city. Here you’ll find upscale hang outs and entertainment like concerts, restaurateurs, bars and shopping. On the other hand, if a slower lifestyle is what you like, consider living in a nearby suburbs, like Plano.


The weather in Dallas can be a little capricious. The city is know for warm summers and mild winters, but be warned; It is also known for floods and tornadoes. Dallas is situated close to the center of Tornado Alley. Remember to listen to the weather warnings and take cover when needed. Also to note, when storing your belongings, be sure to select a storage unit where natural disasters are covered in the facility’s damage coverage policy!

How to Move

There are a two moving tips that you can take under consideration before moving to Dallas:

  1. Traffic – No one likes traffic! Every city has known travel times when it’s best to stay off the roads, rush hour, being one of them. Something to note about Dallas is that the traffic, mainly due the construction in DFW, or Dallas Fort Worth area. Keep up-to-date of the latest conditions here.
  2. Truck size – if you’re in the city, the buildings will be closer together. When possible, go with the smallest truck size you can get away with for easy maneuvering in the city. This post can help you determine what truck size you’ll need.

For more tips, this video from moving expert Jesus Terraza, U-Haul President of Dallas: