#uhaulroadtrip Day 4: Colorado and New Mexico

What a long day on our #uhaulroadtrip! Here’s an update on the adventures we had on the 4th day fo our trip:

Where Did We Go?

uhaulroadtrip day 4

We left Cheyenne early in the morning and pointed ourselves south on the Interstate towards Denver. Our first stop in Denver was a little U-Haul location in the midst of things. Tavis Larson, the president of U-Haul of West Central Colorado showed us around U-Haul Moving and Storage at Mile High Station. This location was a very cool adaptive reuse project. It used to be a textile factory and much of the original equipment remains. He gave us a tour and also let us know a bit about Denver. Want to know more about moving to Denver?

Afterwards we towed the camper to the U-Haul Denver repair shop. There are several long time U-Haul team members working there who still remember renting the camper trailers. Everyone was really excited to see it. Most of them had not seen a U-Haul camper in a long time, and for the younger team members, many of them had never seen it at all.

With all of the helpful Denver tips we got from everyone we decided to go explore the Mile High City. Unfortunately we got a bit turned around and ended up driving out of the city first. Once we got our bearings we made our way back to down town Denver. It is a beautiful city, and I am glad we made it back.

We left Denver and drove through some great scenery to Colorado Springs, which is home to the US Air Force Academy, which you can see in the U-Haul Air Force commemorative truck graphic.  Dave Helmers, the President of U-Haul Co of Southern Colorado explained how the Air Force Academy and the other military bases helped to make Colorado Springs the city that it is. He also suggested driving up the magnificent Pike’s Peak, which I am extremely regretful that we did not have time to do. Perhaps on another #uhaulroadtrip.

Trouble Ahead!

Outside of Colorado Springs, the scenery got prettier and prettier. Unfortunatley we ran into our first real issues on the #uhaulroadtrip. We pulled over to the side of the road because we saw a tail light lens coming loose in the rear view mirror. We went to fix it and also found that everything we had stowed in the camper had made its way out and onto the floor and a glass jar had unfortunately broken. I guess we need to get better at storing our cargo. We also decided to take it a bit slower after that to avoid getting quite as bumpy.

We knew it was going to be a long day, but it turned into a really long day. By the time we pulled into Santa Fe, NM to try to find a bite to eat, most of the restaurants were closed. We found someone to ask and our only options were Applebee’s, Denny’s and fast food. We tried the Applebee’s first, but it had Kareoke night and a wait for tables. It was around midnight by the time we actually made it to the Denny’s, and Sperry and I were extremely glad to finally have our dinner. Knowing the next day would be a long one as well we finished our food and pushed through the next hour to make it to Albuquerque finishing our day at around 1:30 in the morning.

Where Will We Go Next?

From Albuquerque we will be embarking on the final day of our road trip. It will be a long drive, with a possible stop in Winslow, Arizona and some other small towns before pulling back in to the sun-baked valley of Phoenix, Arizona that we both call home. As a reminder, today is our last day. If you see us out on the road, snap a picture of us and share it on Instagram using #uhaulroadtrip! From there you will be entered to win one of the limited edition U-Haul camper shirts you see us wearing. Be sure to follow @gouhaul on Twitter as well to keep up with our trip.

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#uhaulroadtrip day 4