Unconventional Camping Recipes

Unconventional camping recipes

You packed all of your camping essentials and you’re ready to go. You have your fish, hamburgers and hot dogs ready. But what if I told you there were more options? Well there are! If you want to surprise your friends and family on your next camping trip, ditch the average meals and opt instead to grill some unconventional camping recipes.

Unconventional camping recipesPancakes

Yes, you’re out in the wilderness but that doesn’t mean you can’t make this breakfast staple. A friend of mine got pretty creative during one of his camping trips by using a dutch oven lid! All you have to bring is bring pancake mix and a lid.  Turn your lid upside down and slip the handle between the grill holes. Now just light the charcoal and you have a great surface to make pancakes.

TamalesUnconventional camping recipes

I love tamales, so it’s no surprise that I recommend these bad boys for camping trips. In order to take them with you, you’ll want to freeze tamales that you have already bought or cooked beforehand. This is a plus because it will eliminate the time you spend cooking while you’re camping.

Now, before you begin to grill the tamales make sure they are thawed out and your grill is clean. Use a wire grill brush to clean the surface where you will cook. To reheat your tamales all you need is to lightly coat them with olive oil and set them on the grill until they have a light crisp to them.


Grilled brie might sound unconventional, but it’s delicious and simple to make while camping. Imagine this – brie, figs and thyme honey. Bet I have your attention now! You can find this grilled brie recipe here. For easier cooking, consider making this with a grill basket lined with foil to avoid burning the brie.

Unconventional camping recipesQuesadillas

Or cheese crisps as some of you might know them. If you have any picky eaters coming along this will satisfy their taste buds. It requires only two ingredients: large corn tortillas and mozzarella cheese (shredded preferred). All you have do do put some cheese on half of your tortilla, fold it over and cook until the cheese melts. That’s it! You can also add chicken, mushroom or avocado to spice things up.

If you’re still craving something after eating one of these, you can grill some desserts!

What are your favorite camping recipes? Are any of them unconventional? Let us know in the comments below.