Moving to Toronto

moving to toronto
Last year U-Haul named Toronto the top destination city in Canada, and it is easy to see why. Toronto is a large and diverse city with something to offer just about everyone.  Here are some things you might consider when you decide to move to Toronto.

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When people from further south think of Canada, in general, they think of a frozen land of eternal winter, but that is not the whole truth. Toronto is a city of four seasons. It will get cold, and you will want to have clothing for cold winter weather. You will also probably want your storage unit to be heated if you will be storing temperature sensitive items. In the summer it can get quite warm, into the 80’s and 90’s F. There will be a decent amount of rain to cool you off, but the rain also brings high humidity with it.

moving to torontoBig City Life in Toronto

Having recently surpassed Chicago, Toronto is the 4th largest city in North America, with only Mexico City, New York City and Los Angeles being larger. All of the amenities you could possibly want are here for you. There are a wide variety of restaurants and clubs, arts, and sports to keep yourself entertained. Be aware too, that like New York City, Toronto is home to countless neighborhoods with their own strong identities and styles of life. You will also need to consider transportation. Toronto is a large grid city, so it is relatively easy to find your way around. Depending on where you choose to live, it may be easier to go car-free and rely upon public transportation, which includes a subway, streetcars, and buses.


Many of Canada’s immigrants settle in Toronto. As a result, it is a vibrant and very diverse city. We know that many of our readers are in the United States as well and will need to consider how the immigration process fits in with your plans to move to Toronto. If you are being transferred or moving for a job from the U.S. you may check with your employer on what you will need to do to move to Canada. The government of Canada also has a website to help you with your journey.

Are you a current resident of Toronto, or someone thinking about moving there? Let us know your tips in the comments below!