How to Pack and Ship Wine

Whether you are shipping wine to friends and family, or want to preserve you wine collection during your next move – shipping and packing wine can be tough! Luckily, there are several different sized wine shipping kits to make sure your bottles don’t crack or break during transportation.

When you order your wine cell kit, it will come with 3 parts: the lower cover, the upper cover to protect the bottles’ necks, and the box. I ordered a kit to fit 6 bottles.

wine cell kit pieces

You can buy wine shipping kits to fit one, two, three, six, or 12 bottles. Each bottle of wine weighs approximately 2 lbs – so keep this in mind if you are paying by weight to ship.

Before you start, make sure your wine bottles are clean and tightly secured. If you are sending the wine as a gift, make sure the bottles don’t have a price tag on them!Wine cell kit steps

Step 1: Lay out your lower cover, upper cover, and box.

Step 2: Place the lower half of the cover into the box.

Step 3: Insert your wine bottles into the lower half of the cover. Fortunately, the covers are also large enough to fit bottles of champagne.

Step 4: Place one of the upper halves of the cover on top of the bottles.

Step 5: Place the other upper half of the cover on top of the remaining bottles. This ensures that the neck of each bottle is securely fastened.

Step 6: Close the box on top of the cover.

Step 7: Seal the box with packaging tape if shipping as a gift, or seal with special kitchen tape if you are packing up for a move. Using the kitchen tape will make unloading your moving truck much easier because you will know which room the box goes in.

If you are shipping your box, make sure to read on the wine shipping regulations in the U.S. Some shipping companies won’t ship wine to certain states, and other states require you to obtain prior written approval from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board before shipping wine. Also, be careful to not leave the box outside for too long so that the wine doesn’t spoil. 

If you are moving, be sure to know the best way to pack up your kitchen so that you can still cook in the days right before and after you move. Other delicate items in your kitchen, like dishware, will also need special attention while packing.

Did you pack or ship your wine using a wine cell kit? Or do you have a better way to safely pack or ship your wine? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!