Moving to Vancouver, BC

Aug 10, 2014

Welcome to Hollywood North, Rain City, Terminal City…welcome to Vancouver! If you’re moving to Vancouver, you’ll note that this city is truly a melting pot with over 35% of it’s residents being foregin born. Living here you can enjoy the scenic and luscious greenery of the outdoors, zip line the Capilano Suspension bridge, tour UBC and the 2010 Olympic stadiums. But before we get into Vancouver life, these tips will help you prep for your move to Vancouver:

Choosing the Right Moving Equipment

If you’re worried about choosing the right moving truck size- don’t be! There a two main ways you can select your truck:

  • By how much stuff you have or
  • By square footage

If possible, choose the smallest moving truck you can. This will make maneuverability through the city easier on you. Cargo Vans are a popular choice when Moving to Vancouver. Again, the smaller size is helpful with city driving and parking is easier! With that said, know that parking in this city is limited. Do what you can to scout a good spot!

Moving to Vancouver

Returning Your Equipment

When dropping off equipment, consider the amount of traffic going over the bridge in the evenings and in the mornings and plan accordingly.  Do what you can to avoid rush hour! Some residents avoid going over the bridge – keep this in mind dropping off your equipment at any of the eleven U-Haul locations within Vancouver. Additionally, if you’re dropping your equipment off at a U-Haul owned location, you can take advantage of before or after hours drop off.

Where to Live

As I mentioned before, Vancouver is a melting pot of all types of people with varied backgrounds. With that said, there are different neighborhoods you can consider living in when moving to Vancouver. According to Moving 2 Canada, the follwing neighborhoods are great options as where to live:

  • Downtown (West End, Yaletown, Gastown, Coal Harbour)
  • Kitsilano
  • East Vancouver (Main Street, Commercial Drive)
  • South Granville
  • City of Burnaby
  • North Vancouver
  • University of British Columbia area (UBC)
  • Kerrisdale
  • South Vancouver (Marpole)

For specifics on each neighborhood, visit Moving 2 Canada’s website here.


Vancouver is known for many rainy days; be prepared! If you’re not comfortable driving your moving truck in the rain, you can always opt for driving help! Book local laborers in your area here! Think ahead- if you’re up against Mother Nature’s rain, take advantage of ways to protect your furniture while moving. No one wants a mildewed couch or mattress!

These tips from moving expert, Michelle Benson, President of U-Haul of Vancouver, BC:


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