Prioritizing Weekend Projects

weekend projects

If you just bought an older home or are just looking to revamp your current home, then you know that weekends aren’t always about gallivanting around town. They are probably filled with checklists of things to be fixed and home improvement projects. But who’s to say that those weekends can’t be fun too? Organize your chores into easy to handle project lists and they can be done much quicker so you can get to the fun stuff. Who knows? Maybe the projects will become your fun!

Organize Your To-Do List

Try to categorize your chores. Once you have them categorized you can schedule them together so you have all the tools you need out on one day. For example, do you have a bunch of rooms that need paint touch-ups? Make a list of them and get them all done on one day. This way there is only one day of paint colored clothing and cleaning brushes. Have a bunch of frames that you want to put up? Get all those tools out on one day and get it done!

Make a Priority List weekend projects

Now that you have your categories, it’s time to decide which ones are most important. If you have a list of things that actually need to be fixed (a leaky faucet, broken door lock, etc.), I’d suggest doing those first. Those are the ones that you will be reminded of on a daily basis so get them out of the way quick. Once the must-do’s are out of the way, you are free to do what you have been wanting to do!

Still having trouble deciding what to do first? Consider the weather. Start with your indoor chores if it is too hot or cold out or start with the outdoor chores if the weather is nice!

Make a Shopping List

Another reason to categorize your chores is because odds are you will need a lot of the same tools or hardware for the chores. Why do double duty? Make a list of what you need for that category and head to your nearest DIY home store. This way you can buy all the hardware you need (maybe even in bulk which might be cheaper) and not have to run to the store every weekend for the same kinds of hardware. This also means that if you have larger supplies, you will only need to rent a truck or trailer once instead of multiple weekends.

Do you have tips on getting your household weekend projects done well? Let us know in the comments below!