Classic Tourist Attractions

classic roadside attractions

Heading on a road trip, eh? Take short breaks every few hours to loosen your muscles by trying some of these road trip exercises and see some of America’s tourist attractions. Below is our list of our favorite stops – if you stop by one on your next drive or move, share it with us and you could become #uhaulfamous!

1. Chicago Cloud Gate: This famous Bean attracts tourists far and wide who want to snap a picture in the distorted reflection of the bean. The 110-ton elliptical sculpture is made of highly-polished stainless steel and measures 66-feet long and 33-feet high. The bean is found in AT&T Square in the midst of downtown Chicago.

2. Cabazon Dinosaurs: If you’re driving through southern California near Los Angeles, 13 miles west of Palm Springs are two giant sculptures of dinosaurs. Featuring the world’s largest sculpted apatosaurus and T-Rex, these statues attract over 12 million visitors a year. Be sure to take a picture with them!

3. Philadelphia Liberty Bell: As one of America’s most famous historic landmarks of independence, the Liberty Bell has held a special place in America’s heart since 1852. Located in the heart of Philadelphia on Liberty Street in between 5th and 6th Streets, the 2,000 pound bell is open everyday from 9-5 p.m. – and admission is free!

4. Las Vegas Welcome Sign: Built in 1959, the famous Las Vegas Welcome Sign is located just south of the Las Vegas Strip on Las Vegas Boulevard. Seven “silver dollars” run across the sign to represent the “Silver State’s” history and commerce, and when the owners replace the bulbs that light up the sign – they sell them at local souvenir shops for charity! Don’t miss this classic Sin City landmark.

5.  San Francisco Lombard Street: This famous crooked street in downtown San Francisco features 8 hairpin bends going down a steep hill. Lined with beautiful homes and landscaping, Lombard street is both a beautiful and thrilling drive. Just be sure to wear your sea belt!

Where are your favorite tourist attractions? Share your favorites in the comments below!