Moving to Edmonton

Moving to Edmonton

So you’ve decided to move to Edmonton, Canada, eh? As the capital of Alberta, this city is known as “The Festival City” because its diverse culture attracts festivals year-round. Located on the North Saskatchewan River, Edmonton attracts residents from all over. With a strong family-focus and plenty of opportunities for arts and sports for children, Edmonton is a great place to settle down among the Canadian provinces. Before moving to Edmonton, be sure to read these tips:


Situated in the heart of the oil and natural resources industry of Canada, Edmonton has one of the best job economies – making it easy to settle in and find a job for anyone who is from out of town. Their location allows them to have the cheapest gas prices in Canada, and Edmonton and the Alberta province don’t have a provincial sales tax. This means that Edmontonians have more disposable income than other Canadians and that living situations are often very comfortable.

Where to Live

Divided into four main regions, Edmonton is home to diverse living situations for any lifestyle. Just remember: avoid moving at the very end of the month, since that’s when there seem to be high demand for moving rentals and supplies.

  • South – Often considered the most desirable region in Edmonton, the south section of the city is family-friendly and has the city’s lowest crime rates. The southern part of town is also filled with plenty of entertainment and shopping options!
  • west edmonton mallDowntown – Famous for its older neighborhoods, the downtown region is the most ethically diverse part of Edmonton. Though there is slightly more crime in this region, the city is currently redeveloping this part of town to make it more inviting.
  • West – Another family-friendly part of town, the west is famous for being home to the West Edmonton Mall – the biggest mall in North America. Popular neighborhoods in this region are Glenora, Parkview, and Crestwood.
  • North – Home to the best neighborhood of older homes known as “The Highlands” and a golf club, the northern region backs into the river valley and has some of the cheapest housing options in the city.


As the most northern city in North America, the dry and humid weather in Edmonton gives it extreme seasonal temperatures. However, this also means that it is one of Canada’s sunniest cities. With the colder winters, having a car in Edmonton is a must. Luckily there are plenty of storage options throughout the city, so you can store your winter items in the summer, and summer items in the winter.

Just be sure you’re ready to immigrate to Canada, and Edmonton is sure to be the adventure of a lifetime!

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