Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Storage Re-Use Centers

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Storage Re-Use Centers

Welcome back to Reuse at U-Haul. If you have not read the first article in the series you can find it here: Take A Box, Leave A Box.

In the first blog we talked about reusing boxes through the Take A Box Leave A Box program. Of course when packing or unpacking those boxes, we sometimes come across items we no longer want. U-Haul encourages reuse instead of recycling or disposing of unwanted goods.

Storage Re-Use Centers

When moving in or out of storage, what should you do with all your unwanted goods? You can leave them in a Storage Re-Use Center found in many U-Haul owned storage locations. The re-use centers were developed to provide a redistribution network for gently used goods and materials that were formally destined for landfills.

Have a lamp you no longer want? A desk your child has outgrown? Maybe a chair that won’t fit in your new apartment? Avoid a trip to the landfill or the hassle of a yard sale. Leave these items behind in a Storage Re-Use Center and another family may have the perfect spot for them in their new place.

The redistribution of these goods not only prevents waste from filling up landfills, but also gives new life to the left-behind items. It is estimated that through the Storage Re-Use Centers, local residents reuse more than 135,000 household goods every year.

Check out the U-Haul Reuse Programs to learn more about these re-use centers.

Keep an eye out for the next reuse installment – Sustainable Van Body Storage.

How are you playing a part in the green movement? Every act, small or large, makes a difference. Let us know how you are helping in the comment section below!

EthanThis post was written by Ethan K., Corporate Sustainability intern U-Haul International. He is skilled in the areas of research, communication and community engagement!