Living in Vancouver, B.C.

Living in Vancouver 1

So you’ve recently moved to the seaport city of Vancouver, BC? Once the moving truck has been returned and your boxes have been unpacked, you can start to settle in your city. These tips will help know what there is to know about living in Vancouver, BC.


Living in Vancouver, you will enjoy luscious grass and beautiful trees- mainly due to the amount of rain the city receives. Be prepared for 12 months of rain, each year! Aside from the rain, you’ll enjoy mild winters compared to other Canadian cities, with little snow. Summers in Vancouver are ideal – warm, dry and sunny. Note: air conditioners are not common in most homes in this city. 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit) is considered a comfortable temperature for locals.

Living in Vancouver - Transportation

Getting Around

Know that Vancouver has a lot of construction, so be patient and be sure to familiarize yourself with your surrounding streets. You’ll have a good variety of transportation options! Many people even cycle to and from work. Even if you do drive, you might have a hitch installed for a bike rack or trailer. Familiarize yourself with public transportation, as well. You can take advantage of Vancouver’s transportation options to get around the city:

  • Skytrain lightrail
  • SeaBus walk-on ferry
  • Public Bus
  • Trolleys

Things to Do

From sports, arts, and cuisine, you’re bound to find something to do after living in Vancouver. Vancouver is a melting pot- you will experience a variety of people and cultural experiences.  A notable outing would be to venture to Richmond’s Asian Night Market where you can enjoy the Asian culture and purchase products and goods. Different seasons will bring a variety of things to do as well- spend milder summers lounging by the beach or even hiking. Winters can be spent in neighboring cities where you can ski and snowboard! If the arts are for you, The Vancouver Art Gallery and Museum of Vancouver are also popular!

Have you lived in the city? Share your tips for living in Vancouver in the comments section below!