DIY Gameday Signs Using Moving Supplies

Don’t throw away those moving supplies after your move! Show your support by creating your own DIY gameday signs using leftover materials. You’ll feel good knowing no one else in the stadium will have the same sign as you.

Here’s what you’ll need:

    • Acrylic paint (in your team’s colors!)
    • Painting sponges or small paintbrush
    • Scissors
    • Bowls or palette for paint
    • Printed sketches of your team’s letter (i.e. ASU, FSU UCLA)
    • Pencil for tracing
    • Wooden sticks or popsicle sticks to hold up the signs
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue

gameday sign

Step 1: Print out stencils of your team’s letters. Use scissors to cut out stencils.

Step 2: Lay your stencils on cardboard (from old moving boxes) and trace.

gameday signStep 3: Use a cardboard cutter and cut along the lines you traced.

Step 4: Use acrylic paint and paint your letters. Use two or 3 coats to get the best finish. We also added glitter for extra flare! This is your chance to be creative. Use glitter, ribbons, jewels or whatever you would like to decorate your signs after painting.

Step 5: Use your glue gun and glue wooden sticks to the back of the letters. These will help you hold up your signs nice and high during the game.

gameday sign

Final Step: Take your gameday signs with you to the next game and have a blast showing your team spirit!

gameday sign

What other crafts could we make for gameday? Let us know in the comment below!