DIY Halloween Costumes Made From Cardboard

DIY Halloween Costumes With Cardboard

Every October I say the same thing… “I don’t need a Halloween costume.  I’m probably not doing anything.” And every year it turns out that isn’t the case. Last minute parties come up and who can resist dressing up to hand out candy to all the little ones. So, this year I’ve decided to be proactive. My friends and I decided to make a group Halloween costume made out of mostly recycled moving materials… and let’s just say they’re APPtastic!

Here’s what you need to make your every own app costumes:


1. Lay your box down flat and cut a 18″ x 18″ square. Then cut off the corners with a box cutter off at a curve to achieve the app symbol look.

DIY Halloween Costume

2. Now you have to decide which app you want to create. We created four: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Print out an image of the app you choose for reference and free draw it onto the cardboard. If your app has a white background, like Pinterest, its better to paint the entire cardboard white first. This will help the additional colors pop.

DIY Halloween Costume3. Before you begin painting, remember to lay down a tarp cover to protect the surface your working on.

4. As you’re painting on your cardboard keep in mind that some colors will need more than one coat. For these, give yourself at least 10 minutes between coats.

5. Once you have finished painting your app, let it dry. We let ours dry overnight just to be sure.

6. The final step to this costume is attaching the rope. Using your pencil poke a two holes 1″ down from the top and 3″ in from either side. Slip a rope about 36″ long through the holes and tie the ends in the back.DIY Halloween Costume

Now you have APPdorable DIY Halloween costumes! You can wear this to the party you said you wouldn’t go to and surprise the little ones on Halloween with how trendy you are.

If you make these or any other cardboard costumes, share them with us in the comments section below.