3 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

Shopping for Halloween decorations can get really pricey, really quick, but don’t let this stop you from getting in your Halloween spirit. Get a team of  DIY lovers together (kids work great) and make your own Halloween decorations! The following 3 Halloween decorations are super simple and fun to make.

3 Easy DIY Halloween DecorationsSupplies

  • boxes
  • box cutter
  • acrylic paint
  • paint sponges
  • comforter bag (I laid this flat and used it as my work space to protect my table. You can also use a tarp.)
  • small lights
  • tape
  • stretchable spider web

Cardboard Pumpkin

If you want a pumpkin that will last you well throughout the month of October, make it out of cardboard boxes! All you need to is paint a couple layers of orange acrylic paint, seal it with paper tape, paint over the tape, and cut out any fun face into the box. Now just place a couple of small lights inside and you’re set.

BOO Door Sign

Make a spooky ‘BOO’ sign out of cardboard. Just cut out your letters and paint them black. Once they’re dry use the spider web to hang the letter from your door and attach them to each other.3 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

Bat Decorations

3 Easy DIY Halloween DecorationsThis is perhaps the most versatile decoration I made. All you have to do is stencil a bat design on a piece of cardboard, cut it out and paint it black. I made several of these and attached them to my door using the  spider web. You can also use them as window silhouettes or hang them from your fan’s pull chain.

If you want to go DIY crazy you can also make your own Halloween costume. Here’s a guide for making an app costume and a pumpkin costume.

What other Halloween decorations have you made? Share them with us in the comments below.