DIY Pumpkin Costume

DIY Pumpkin CostumeWe have all fallen victim to store bought Halloween costumes. These costumes may be easy, but rarely ever work! The sizes are wrong, the quality is low and you run into at least four other people in the same costume. Well, a way to avoid all that is to make your own! Below are the supply list and instructions to help you create a DIY pumpkin costume.



DIY Pumpkin Costume

Step 1: Lay the orange tarp out flat and cut two holes in the center of the tarp for your feet to go through.

Step 2: Cut the outer edge of tarp off, but make sure to save one of the edges!

Step 3: Grab an extra piece of tarp long enough to reach from the center to just a few inches inside the tarp edge. Hold down the extra piece of tarp at the center and put a marker through a hole punch at the other end. Now you can walk around and draw a perfect circle.

Step 4: Cut the circle out.

DIY Pumpkin CostumeStep 5:  Begin to hole punch holes  about 1″ in from the edge and 12″ from each other and go all the way around. Your last hole should end up about 1″ away from the first hole.

Step 6: Thread the tie down rope through the holes alternating the entry side. This allows the tarp to move freely along the rope. Have the beginning and end piece of rope both face outward so you can tie them together later.

Step 7: Scrunch the tarp along the rope neatly so that the folds look like the curves in a real pumpkin. Now you can tie the rope.

Step 8: Using extra tarp material, cut out your favorite Jack-O-Lantern face to add some personality to your pumpkin!Color theaw pieces black with the box markers and tape them to the front of the pumpkin.

DIY Pumpkin CostumeStep 9: Cut out leaves and vines from the bubble wrap and tape these to your pumpkin.

Step 10: Cut a stump out of a piece of cardboard. Use the knife that comes with the markers to make holes on each side. Tie the rope through the holes and make a headband.

Step 11: Put on your pumpkin costume and stuff it full of the cushion foam to help make the perfect shape.

Do you have any DIY costumes that have made you stand out from the store bought costumes? Share your ideas below! 

Lexi Ferguson is an intern for U-Haul’s Truck Repair Research Department. Her favorite part of her job is getting to talk to technicians and help them reach their ultimate goal of becoming a U-Haul Master Technician.