Planning Your Retirement Move

Many retirees choose to move to warmer weather, into smaller houses or apartments, and often minimize their belongings to the bare necessities! Are you ready for this big change? Read these tips to have the smoothest transition while planning your retirement move.

City or  Suburb?

Retirement MoveWhile most retirees chose to dwell in the suburbs, living in the city after retirement seems to be a popular alternative because you don’t necessarily need a car. Need to go grocery shopping? Walk! Have an appointment? Take the bus! Living in the city is a great option for those who might not have the option to drive. Not sure if you’re made to live in the city or suburbs?

Downsize your belongings:

What do you actually need? Go through every nook and cranny of your home and decide if you need it or not.  If you are moving into a smaller home, measure your furniture to make sure that they will fit in the new rooms. If you decide you don’t need something, sell your stuff or donate it! If an unwanted furniture item is still in good condition, consider dropping it off a storage re-use center. You can drop off gently used household goods, furniture, sports equipment, bikes and even clothing and do good for the community. Check out this blog post for more tips on how to downsize for retirement.

Retirement moveStorage Options

After you’ve downsized, you might still have some items that might not fit in your new dwelling. Find a self-storage unit near you, and hiring Moving Help providers to make your move much easier. They can unload and load everything – just as long as you provide the moving truck! You’ll be done with your move – and on to the easy life of retirement in no time.

Have you recently retired? What are your plans for moving? Share them in the comments below!