What to Expect When Studying Abroad Part 1

studying abroadStudying abroad will be so much more than you imagine and nothing like anything else you have experienced in your life. Whether this is your first time traveling overseas or without your family, here’s what to expect when studying abroad:

You will spend more money than you think you will.

Studying abroad will break your piggy bank, so be prepared. Make a meticulous budget for each month then add a few extra hundred dollars to your total expenses. In an ideal world, you will be smart with your money, but in study abroad world, you won’t think twice about going on a weekend excursion to Vatican City. Don’t forget all the souvenirs you will be buying for your friends and family.

You will need more storage than you think.

Whether it’s in your suitcase or storage at home, you will probably underestimate how much room you need. Be aware of the weight limits for your luggage and leave room in your suitcase for souvenirs. If you are worried about your belongings back home, Collegeboxes offers study abroad shipping and storage. There are many other college storage options for a semester abroad.

You might/might not get homesick.

studying abroadIf you are worried about getting homesick, don’t be. It’s a natural process that most go through and you will probably find at least one other person who feels the same way. Some students don’t even get homesick with all the buzz and excitement of being in a new country. Others will just be homesick for a certain dish from home. If you do end up longing for home, Skype your best friend or Mom back home. Just don’t be that person that is constantly on Skype and doesn’t bond with their roommates!

You will make friends that will leave an imprint on you forever!

These friends that you meet abroad will be unlike any other people you have ever met. You will find it surprising how much you have in common with total strangers from different nationalities. And in return you will learn to love everything that is different about them!

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Have you ever studied abroad? What are some tips you would give someone studying abroad for the first time? Tell us in the comments below!