Organization for Kids Bedrooms

A kid’s room is their domain. It is the one room in the house that belongs to them and most of the time they want to keep it just the way they like it. Unfortunately, that can sometimes mean it’s the least organized room in the house. Not to fret. There are lots of really easy ways to organize their rooms without cramping their style.

Under the Bed Storage Under the bed storage square

Most of the time kids just want to throw their dirty clothes under the bed so their room looks clean, but that space is actually very valuable! It is space that people can’t see but can prove quite useful when organized well.


One thing everyone can agree on is that kids grow out of things and into things at the speed of light! Lots of times parents buy things knowing that the kids won’t be ready for them quite yet, or are just not quite ready to part with things that kids have outgrown. Don’t feel rushed to get rid of them right away! You can rent a storage unit to house those things until your kids are ready for them, or for when you are ready to let go of them.

Seasonal Items

Even kids have their seasonal clothing that you don’t need all year round. Those snow jackets don’t have to take up so much space! Use Space Bags to make those go from taking up half the closet, to just a few inches! You can also use clear plastic storage containers to store some of their favorite seasonal items. The clear box makes it easy to find exactly what you need when that time of year comes around! They are also easily stackable and come in lots of different shapes and sizes.

Do you have tip that keeps the kids rooms nice and tidy? Let us know in the comments below!