DIY Fall Wreath in 3 Easy Steps

DIY Fall Wreath

Greet your guests with a festive wreath this fall season. This DIY Fall Wreath can be done in 3 easy steps. The best part is you can dress up your wreath however you’d like and feel good knowing your fall decor is one-of-a-kind!


  • old moving box
  • box cutter
  • gold glitter
  • gold acrylic paint
  • faux leaves
  • faux miniature pumpkins
  • rope
  • hot glue gun

Step 1: Use cardboard moving boxes and cut out “donut” shape using the cardboard cutter.

Step 2: Use rope and wrap through “donut” hole for entire wreath. Continue wrapping rope around. Use hot glue to secure rope.

Step 3: Glue faux leaves to wreath using hot glue. Spice up your leaves by adding a little glitter to them first!

To create glittery leaves to add to your DIY Fall Wreath: Use gold paint to paint the tips of the leaves. Then dip them in gold glitter. Let dry and repeat for the following leaves!

DIY Fall Wreath

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