5 Tips for Moving Your Business

Mostly everyone has had an experience with moving from home to home or even state to state. You get the moving truck and a few friends or family members and start packing up. But what about moving your business? Whether you are moving into a larger office or relocating across town, these 5 moving tips will help you move in no time!

DSC010241. Start packing early!

If you want to ensure you have the most well-organized move, start early. Start by packing items that you don’t use as often. This includes old files, extra supplies and decorative items. If you need somewhere to start storing these items for your upcoming move, consider portable storage like U-Box containers. This gives you the security of keeping your items on hand but packed away until you are ready to move.

2. Spring Cleaning

Packing away those items that aren’t used often first, gives you the opportunity to filter through items you may no longer want or need. Consider donating old equipment to a local charity or organization such as Goodwill or recycling other items that have seen better days. This will make moving into your new office much easier and clutter free!

3. Checklists & Maps

Preparation is key! The best way to avoid problems in any move is by making a checklist of everything that needs to be done. Include items that need to be moved, time-frames,  supplies needed, and an unpacking plan. Maps can help when you move into your new office to ensure you will have a home for each item. Numbering items in boxes that coincide with numbers on the map will make unpacking much easier.

crate at desk4. Moving Fragile Items

Where would your business be without your computers and monitors? You want to ensure your equipment gets moved safely so invest in protective moving supplies. Wrap computer monitors individually in thick moving blankets or bubble wrap and tape. They should never be placed in boxes without protection and tape should not come into contact with the monitor itself.

5. Business Storage

If your business is growing or maybe you just have run out of space, consider business storage. Instead of leasing more office space, reduce your business costs and avoid long-term lease commitments by renting a storage room. Also, establishing a corporate account enables your business full access to all products and services you may need for your move. A corporate account executive will work with your company to develop a quality solution that will help save your company time and money.

Is your business moving? Do you have any helpful tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments section below!