Moving to Scottsdale

Moving to Scottsdale Sunset

Are you getting ready to move to Scottsdale, Arizona? Don’t expect to see the desert cacti everyone imagines when it comes to Arizona – Scottsdale is a whole different story. Part of the Maricopa County and just outside of the Greater Phoenix Area, Scottsdale is a city filled with art, fine dining, and an always exciting nightlife. Take these tips into consideration before making your move to The Most Livable City:

Old Town Moving to Scottsdale


Although Scottsdale may not look like the desert you were expecting, it sure does feel that way sometimes. With an average annual temperature of 84 degrees and reaching an average annual high of 105 degrees in July, walking won’t always be an option. When the weather is nice however, Scottsdale is a very bike-friendly community. Walk around Old Town and The Waterfront for a beautiful Sunday Brunch.


Because the city is so spread out, you will most likely want a car to commute to work every day and just get around the city.  Scottsdale also offers public transportation through the Valley Metro Bus Service and a free Scottsdale Trolley system.

Choosing the Time to Move

The time of year in which you choose to move can have a big impact on your overall moving experience. Late Fall through Springtime is beautiful in Scottsdale, while Summer… maybe not so much. The average temperature through these couple months generally stays between 70 and 80 degrees during the day and the low is 40-50s at night-time. January is the coldest month of the year dropping to a record of 18 degrees and July is the hottest month, reaching a record of 118 degrees.

Moving to Scottsdale during monsoon season should be avoided if possible – you don’t want to get stuck moving in the middle of a dust, thunderstorm, or flash flooding. Serious dust storms, known as haboobs, can last up to 3 hours with the wind blowing about 30 MPH. These storms typically occur July through August. Check the local weather channel for more information.

Moving Help®

Welcome to Moving to ScottsdaleIf you don’t have the luxury of choosing the ideal time to move, Moving Help® can help you cut down on your move time. Moving Help® allows you to hire professional moving helpers to assist in your labor needs. Any task that you wouldn’t want to do by yourself, the laborers can do for you.

Do you live in or around Scottsdale? What advice would you give to someone moving to the area? Let is know in the comments section below!