Tips for Black Friday Madness

With lines, ridiculously cheap prices and sleep-deprived people, Black Friday can be intimidating. Here are some tips for Black Friday Madness.

Divide and Conquer

This applies to those who are going with friends and family. If you need hit multiple stores, divide yourselves into pairs and distribute lists of items needed. Having a buddy will make it easier to pick up items in the frenzy and they can serve as a place holder if one of you needs a bathroom break. This way you will also cover more ground without being in lines alone.

tips for black fridayWear Layers

You never know how long you will be in those lines and how cold the night will get so be prepared with layers. It is easier to take layers off if you start to get too warm than trying to weather the chilly temperatures.

Bring Snacks

You will be standing in lines for hours and although most of you will probably eat a big Thanksgiving feast before you head out to the storm, you might end up getting hungry again. Bring snacks or even leftovers from dinner to keep your energy up for when those doors finally open!

Know the opening times

The worst thing that could happen to you on Black Friday is to arrive at a store that has already been open for hours and has only scraps left. Many of the major players in Black Friday madness such as Best Buy, Walmart and Target are now opening on Thanksgiving Day so make sure to figure out online when stores open when you are planning your night (or evening at this point).

tips for Black FridayBe charged up

Have both your devices and body charged up for the night. Bring some coffee to keep you warm and awake! Charge your cell phones and even go the extra mile by bringing your chargers or a portable charger. You don’t want to get lost in flock of people and not be able to locate your shopping buddy. No man gets left behind!

Have your transportation ready

If you are going to go shopping for large items such as a grill or large flat screen tv, be sure to have the appropriate mode of transportation ready. You can always rent a cargo van or pick-up truck if you don’t have a car that is big enough for your Black Friday grabs. After you have loaded up your new goods, make sure to properly secure the cargo with a ratchet tie-down.

Do you have any tips for Black Friday madness? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!