How to Know You’re Ready to Move Out on Your Own

How to know you're ready to move out on your ownMoving out on your own has different meanings for everyone. For some it means leaving their parents’ nest for an apartment with a roommate, and for others it means living alone in a studio. Either way, this can be a difficult decision and a serious commitment for some. Here’s how to know you’re ready to move out on your own:

You are financially stable

It is a simple concept: more money, more problems. Moving into your first apartment can be exciting, but facing those initial deposits, fees and bills can be catastrophic for your wallet. In order to live on your own you have to be financially independent or at least financially stable. This doesn’t mean that you have enough money just for rent; it means that you have enough cash flow for rent, utilities, food, spending money and a little emergency money. If you are a student you need to also have enough money to pay off loans, textbooks, credit cards and all the other burdens that come with being a broke college student. Always overestimate how much you will be spending each month!

You are emotionally stable

Living alone can help you grow as an individual and as an adult, but you can also mean a lot of loneliness. If you have lived with a loud and close family your entire life, moving into an apartment by yourself might not be the best choice. Start off a little slower by moving into a place with at least one other roomie. This will ease you into embracing a quiet home and dealing with alone time. Before you know it you will cherish those quiet nights alone, binge-watching Netflix!

Ask yourself these questions:How to know you're ready to move out on your own

Are you responsible enough to survive living on your own?

Do you have a stable job?

Can you afford moving (renting a moving truck, buying boxes, etc.)?

Is your new place close to your job/school?

Are you relocating for a job?

Why are you moving out on your own? Do you need to?

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