Moving to Omaha

Moving to Omaha
Think Omaha and you likely think beautiful sunsets over the plains and delicious steaks. But do you also think friendly people and a thriving indie scene? If not, you should. Omaha has more than 400,000 people and it known as one of the most hospitable cities in the world. If you are looking for a friendly place to call home, look no further. And with several Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Omaha, finding work there won’t be what holds you back . Here are some of our best tips to share before moving to Omaha:


You can expect all four seasons in full swing in Omaha, and then some. Summer and spring can be humid, but enjoyable. However, that is thunderstorm and tornado season, so be sure to stay up to date on the latest forecasts. Winter brings snowfall and with an average of 30 inches of snow annually, moving can be difficult. Aim for fall if you can. If you don’t have a choice of when you can move, brush up these tips for winter moves or consider Moving Help.


There are several neighborhoods to choose from when deciding where to live in Omaha, but here are some of the highlights of our favorites:

Downtown is a mixture of the new and the old. Sure you can enjoy the indie galleries and fun restaurants, but you will be walking down its original cobblestone streets and see hints of its history everywhere.

Similar to Downtown, Midtown is a mixture of the trendy and traditional but with schools, homes and a variety of businesses mixed in. You will find multiple locations in this neighborhood that are on the National Register of Historic places.

North Omaha is the home of the Mormon Trail Center. It is the oldest neighborhood and has a whole lot of history. Vibrant with great history, it is famous for its jazz culture and is home to multiple colleges and universities.


Most residents own their own vehicles in Omaha (be careful, you must register your vehicles within 30 days of moving there.) However, there is also a metro and lots of bike trails. For leisure, try the River City Star riverboat!

Do you have a tip for those moving to Omaha, Nebraska? Let us know in the comments below!