3 Smart Holiday Storage Hacks

store christmas tree in a bagJingle bells, jingle bells, now you have to put all those bells away. The holidays have come and gone once again and now we are left with the burden of cleaning them up. Every year when I open my “Christmas Box” I am reminded of how truly unorganized I can be. This year take a stand with me and lets properly organize our decorations. Here are 3 smart holiday storage tips that worked for me.

1. Christmas Tree Storage-

This is a tricky one. So you’ve made the investment into a fake Christmas tree yet where do you put it when it’s not in use? Most fake trees are incredibly bulky and storing them requires a lot of space. This year try a tree storage bag that can fit your tree comfortably. The best thing about this bag? It doesn’t take up a lot of space and protects your tree so it will look “fresh” for years to come.

christmas ornaments storage2.  Ornaments Storage-

For years past I’ve typically just thrown my ornaments into a box and hoped for the best knowing that I may have to replace them next year. Do you really like your current set and want to store them without breaking them? You’ve stumbled across a time saving, cost effective method using an everyday item in your home, egg cartons. Simply place your ornaments in the spaces meant for the eggs and close the lid. Your ornaments are safe until next year.

3.  Christmas Lights Storage-

Instead of spending hours untangling lights next year try storing them easily on a hanger. Grab those hangers out of your closet and simply wrap your lights around them. This will keep them tangle free and make them less likely to break over the upcoming year.

holiday lights storage

These 3 easy holiday storage tips are sure to keep your decorations in great shape while saving you time and money for years to come.

How do you store your holiday decorations? Do you have any holiday storage hacks that didn’t make our list?