How to Move Exercise Equipment

exercise equipment

Are you the “at home workout” kind of person? If so, odds are you have secured yourself a number of pieces of exercise equipment that will be accompanying you on your move to your new home. So how do you get the equipment from point A to point B without damaging it? Here are our two best tips for how to move exercise equipment:

Take it Apart

Did this piece of equipment get to your home in multiple pieces? If that’s the case, it is probably because that is the best way to move it. Take it apart and wrap each piece in enviro-bubble bubble wrap to protect it from damage. Be sure to keep all the screws, pins or any other small parts all together so you can easily put it back together in your new home. If you kept the original packaging, use that!

moving exercise equipmentTie it Down

Can’t take the piece apart? Not a problem, just be sure to get a buddy to help you move it. Once you have it in your rental truck or trailer, use ratchet tie downs to secure it so it doesn’t move around during your move. Need more help? Consider hiring Moving Help to move the heavy stuff.

If your equipment is smaller, like dumbbells, you can wrap it in enviro-bubble to keep it from scratching. Pack lighter weights in sturdy, small moving boxes.


Do you have tips for moving exercise equipment? Let us know in the comments below!